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Software Updates


Here you can find the latest software updates for our charging systems.
Simply select the product group of your devices to download the appropriate files.

Charge Control
Smart / Premium

Software Update 1.12 for AMTRON® Xtra (E/R) and AMTRON® Premium (E/R/W)


Download: Software Update 1.12

Download: md5 Checksum (To check the validity of the software update download file)
Download: Release Notes Software Update 1.12 (english)

Download: Installation Manual Software Update 1.12 (english)

Download: Installation Manual for AMTRON® Xtra (E/R) and AMTRON® Premium (E/R/W) (german & english)
Download: Operation Manual for AMTRON® Xtra (E/R) and AMTRON® Premium (E/R/W) (german & english)

Software Update AMTRON® Charge Control


Currently there are no software updates available for the AMTRON® Charge Control.

Software Update 5.12.4 for AMTRON® Professional(+) Devices

Updating from 4.61 to 5.12.4 takes up to 30 minutes. During this update, the “programming“ progress bar suddenly reaches 100% after about 4 minutes. After that, the controller cannot be reached for about 25 minutes and all LEDs of the HMI are turned off.


This is NOT an error itself, but an uncomfortable user experience during the update.
Do NOT turn off the device!


Download: Software Update AMTRON® Professional 5.12.4

Download: Release Notes Software Update 5.12.4

Download: Important Notes Software Update 5.12.4

Download: Operating Manual for AMTRON® Professional with 5.12.4

Download: Application Note for AMTRON® Professional with 5.12.4 


Download: Software Update 4.61

Software Update 4.61 for AMEDIO Professional(+) Devices


Download: Software Update ECU 4.61

Download: Release Notes Software Update ECU 4.61

Software Update ACU


Download: Software Update ACU 3590 (Version 2.13 Patch)

Download: Release Note Software Update ACU 3590 (english)

Download: Application Note ACU 3590 (german)

Download: Installation Manual Firmwareupdate v4 (english)

Download: Installation Manual ACU/SCU